2017 Video Update from Gino

Gino checks in with a 2017 update via Facebook:

  1. Hello Gino,

    Your music and message has been a key component in my daily life since I first discovered you while living in central Georgia in 1977. I saw you in Atlanta the following year and was completely blown away by the production….but the music….and your voice….oh…they reached into my soul and grabbed it fully with a wonderment and an enrichment I have never lost….and will never release. Now in my late 50’s and fighting Stage IV Melanoma….I put on my headphones….maybe Gist of the Gemini….or some other magical elixir of sound and you take everything away. I served in the USAF for 22 years….so “To the War” has special meaning for me…..as does every one of your songs. My wife and I came to see you in CLearwater FL last year. She quickly understood my infatuation with the notes and the magic you make! I notice your current tour schedule does not have Florida as a stop….hoping that will change somehow. If not…..I will find a way to make it to a stop on the tour. “Thank you” is not nearly strong enough to express what you have done for me over the years and in so many ways. You have been my lifeboat, my magic carpet, my light at the end of long, dark tunnels….God Bless You Gino!!! Rock on….and much love…Brother to brother!!!

  2. Your music was one of the powerful reasons that made me move from Mexico to Montreal a few years ago. I’m a music composer, a big fan of your work and I found my place in the city were your musical roots (and my also admired Cirque du Soleil) were born. I even named my younger son after you… Gino! And still I have had no chance to see you live. Last time at the Rialto I could not afford to pay my entry. This year I see Montreal is not part of your tour, so I’ll need to make a big effort in order to travel to Domaine Forget in Saint-Irénée, but I can’t miss your concert again. Throughout all your discography I can feel a perfect balance between evolving harmony, contagious rhythm, touching melodies and inspired lyrics, all in perfectly textured arrangements full of virtuosity. You and your team are simply the best! Thanks for your legacy!

    Renato Navarrete

  3. hey I remember you from the 70s, its so nice to see you again hehe you look and sound amazing. If you ever come to San Diego i will be first in line

  4. Hello Gino
    Firstly happy new year. Wishing you all the very best for 2017 health happiness and continued success. My best friend Andrea and I are huge fans and Andrea recently suffered a massive heart attack. She is only 50 years old and a non smoker and in great physical condition. So thus heart attack was a big shock to her and her family and friends. Luckily she will be fine. She has to be monitored closely by her dr. She is out of the hospital and is home recuperating. I realize you are extremely busy and I would not ask if I didn’t think what I’m about to ask you would just cheer her up as she has been very depressed lately. Do you think you could just send her a quick get well video. It would mean the world to her. You could email it to me and I will show it to her. Hoping to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to read my message. Sincerely Stacy

  5. Hi Gino! Please come to Alabama or Georgia in 2017! Montgomery, AL has a lovely performing arts center and I would love to see you!

  6. Hi Gino! I was at your show at the forum in 1978 in Los Angeles and to this day one of the greatest performances I have ever seen. I live in the UK now and hope you are coming to Europe this year, please! If so where and when and I will be there. Thank you for being such an inspiration and your music has sweetened my life for nearly 40 years!!!

  7. Ciao Gino,
    Please please please do a show in NYC.
    Saw you at Carnegie Hall in late 70s early 80s. Still have chills to the perfection that I experienced that evening.
    Recently have seen you at Place des Art in Montreal few years ago took my wheelchair burdened mom. She went crazy. Then and I believe the Uptown jazz club Montreal North a year later. Again with mom. Recently at the Casino in Henderson Nevada.
    Please please please do show in NYC area. Wife is threatening to divorce me if I fly to your Phoenix Arizona show this spring.
    Not to mention will be going to your Niagara Falls and Bethesda shows.
    Please let her see you in NYC.
    I know she will get hooked.Then the 2 of us can fly together to see your future gigs.
    Molto Grazie e mio piccolo mascalzoni Carmine ti manda uno bacionni.
    -Luigi di Brewcaleen

  8. Hey Gino, We’d all love to see you come back to the Dallas/Ft Worth area. We’ve seen you every time you’ve been in our area dating back to 1974. Such great music! Our best to you and your family.
    Rick and Rebecca

  9. Hey Gino, We don’t know one another of course. Just want to gently say…keep on going dude. Loved your sound for a long time (I’m 62). Jazz fusion…yeah! Love that you are still doing it. Regards Conrad Fritz.

  10. I have loved your music for all of my life. I am so glad to learn that you are still as strong as ever and still performing for the adoring fans and audiences who are there to support you. You ROCK!

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