Gino checks in with note about upcoming Masterclasses

Hi everybody,
Just thought to share a few facts about this latest video Ross has created for the summer masterclasses. The song Ross chose to edit the video to is called, “Knight of the Road.”
I wrote it back in 2005; then tucked the tune on a shelf till I was ready to record it.
One night In 2008, in the house I rented in the Netherlands, Bert van den Brink came over to record his piano track. All I had was an empty canvas. Nothing had been recorded but a few finger snaps for him to keep time to. A bit unorthodox but with a little imagination and patience we captured a great piano performance. A few months later we recorded drums in my Portland studio. Reinhardt came over one day and played a perfect shuffle to Bert’s Wurlitzer track. Rein carefully mapped out Bert’s time feel throughout the track so as to be right in sync even when Bert would take liberties with the click track. We used a small Yamaha kit I kept in my drum booth. A day later Damian Erskine laid down his bass. I immediately did a quick vocal session. I was happy with my performance but still thought something was missing. That’s when I called Curtis Salgado to play harmonica the next morning. Dude is so good I created a brand new intro just to feature him. I found some drum doodling by Reinhardt in the early bars while we were getting a sound on his drums. Curtis traded impromptu licks with Reinhardt’s doodle track. Magic out of nowhere–best way to get the tune rolling I thought.
Anything but normal, yet the recording still turned out very well, perhaps even better than I could ever have imagined.
Look forward to sharing more stories and insights during the masterclasses.

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  1. I know I speak for many of your fans how much we all enjoy these tidbits from behind the “scenes”, it’s such a joy to read these notes. I also enjoy when you include notes regarding Ross’s input as I have truly become as enamored with his career as yours Gino. He’s a true quiet genius!

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