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2017 Video Update from Gino


Gino checks in with a 2017 update via Facebook:

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Gino giving away Songbook Volume 2


Gino releases the second volume of his songbook – free! Happy holidays.

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Tell Me the One About the Italian Mouse


Jamie called me this weekend. I have known her for about thirty years. She has a few weeks left to live. She carries the heavy load of 140 pounds of tumors in her body. Despite high doses of sleep aids, she can only sleep but an hour […]

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I Doth Protest Said the Dog


Hi folks With the upcoming concerts I am beginning to vocalize in earnest—first drill, right before breakfast. Granted it’s not always the prettiest sound at such hours, but Link seems to take greater exception than is warranted (then again I could be wrong) His brother Bodhi defends […]

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Class of 16


Class of 16 – To teach is to do nothing more than to share whatever knowledge and experience we gather through the years. The more eager the observer or listener, the better the teacher—and how the hours flew by. My thanks to all from the Art of […]

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Brothers in the End

brothers in the end

I had grown a little weary of weepy, romantic songs that treated conflict, war and tragedy with an ‘if-only-we-could-just-get-along’ kind of sentiment—brushing over genuine struggle as if the writer or singer could wave a magic wand and establish world peace with the mere stroke of the pen […]

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